My name’s Ted and I’m a plushie bear from London, England. Daddy got me and my brother Ned at a gaming conference and brought us home for mummy. Now I live in Malta with my brother Ned, Lovealot the carebear and my pet Penguin Pingoo. IMG_2132

I love travelling on holidays with mummy and I especially like going to the beach. My favourite drink is San Miguel beer which mummy lets me drink sometimes. My favourite food is a crisp sandwich.

Here you can see us in bed together – I have my own jammies (pyjamas) but I prefer sleeping nakey hehe!

Below you can see the rest of our plushie family, this is Lucky the dog who we rescued from the rubbish, and little baby Oso the bear we got him from Alicante airport. They are living with daddy – we love them and miss them very much 😦


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